Home image1‘Chitrapatangah’ is a receptacle for stunning Butterfly photographs by Sudheer Kommana. The main goal of this website is to document and share these incredible Butterfly species to the website visitors and to create awareness and promote the conservation of Butterflies and their habitats which are rapidly disappearing from the planet.

This website is comprised of over 1000 pages of information and over 2000 images from all butterfly families in different regions of the world.

Butterflies posted in this website are photographed in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America and few exhibit species from the butterfly parks.

Sincere thanks to Late Torben Larsen, Steve Collins, Szabolcs Safian, Steve Woodhall, Pingchung Lee and friends from BOI (Butterflies of India) for helping with the identifications.

This website will be update regularly with new Butterfly photos from the latest butterflying trips. Please stop-by often.


This website is dedicated to my Butterfly.

She said that we belonged together because… she was born with a butterfly and I was born with a flower and that flowers and butterflies need each other for survival.

Content source – online:
ABDB-African Butterfly Database (https://abdb-africa.org)
Afrotropical Butterflies Forest Entomology in East Africa

Reference Books:
Butterflies of Tanzania ~ Jan Kielland
Butterflies of West Africa ~ Torben Larsen
Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa ~ Steve Woodhall
Les Papillons du Gabon ~ Gael Vande Weghe
Butterflies of India ~ Isaac David Kehimkar

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