1980 MAY 22 – THE DIE IS CAST. This was the year that the Goddess Fortuna spun her wheel and my fate as a Butterfly photographer was sealed. 🙂


Hi, I’m Sudheer Kommana, software professional and a butterfly enthusiast from India and living in Tanzania. I’m not a professional photographer, but what started as a hobby now forms an increasingly important part of my life.

In 2007, I began taking pictures with my point and shoot camera. Initially I used to take photographs irrespective of any subject. But, I found myself taking more photos of butterflies than anything else. Some subjects are so perfect that they almost photograph themselves. With incredible and diverse colors, butterflies are one such excellent subject. The beauty and brilliance of these butterflies are Indescribable.

You don’t have to be a Lepidopterist to appreciate the intricate beauty of Butterflies. It is only when you see them in their natural surroundings that you come to realize just how amazing these flying works of art are. The diverse patterns formed by their brightly colored wings and their erratic flight have made Butterfly photography my hobby for life. Now, I’m a “Passionate Butterfly Photographer” and my photographs reflect a lifelong interest and my passion for Butterflies. 🙂

Sometimes identifying of species is not easy without a specimen. You find a species somewhere in the wild but you have to physically take the species with you for identification and “I don’t like to take the Butterflies with me”. Here i would like to thank all my Gurus / Butterfly experts who are spending their valuable time in identifying the species i have photographed.

You must have a target and my target is to photograph these most beautiful and fragile species in as many countries as possible and to reach the count at least 4000 species. I’m now at 500 and still clicking.

Now I do not know whether I was then a man, dreaming I was a Butterfly; or whether I am now a Butterfly, dreaming I am a man. ~ Master Zhuang Zi


THAILAND – Chiang Mai; Mar’ 2017
TANZANIA – Miniziro Forest Reserve; Apr’ 2017
EUROPE – Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic; Jul’ 2017
TANZANIA – Pugu Hills; Mar’ 2017


TANZANIA – Pugu Hills; Jan, Feb’ 2017

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